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Versuri Zuka - Hello stranger

trimise de Voicu Ioan VirgilVoicu Ioan Virgil.

Verse 1 :
Hello how are you stranger
Do you feel this pleasent danger?
You said : Let's build the world anew
For me and you.
I will hide you deep in me
So like this no one will see,
That you are now in my captivity

And even the sun goes crazy
Up and down, down, down
The wind smells like you
Your scent is on me too, too, too
This is the world,
Where love is the Lord
Where love is the Lord.

Verse 2 :
I know you're not like the others
You're one of the seven wonders,
And we built the world anew
For me and you.

Our wrinkles are the witness
And the time seems to be endless
This story is to be heard,
And thank you for this world.

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