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Versuri Stoner
- Young Thug

trimise de DanielDaniel.

I'm a stoner, I'm a stoner, I'm a stoner [x3]
I'm a motherf***kin' stoner
I just put a forty on my wrist just like a boss
I just put ten thousand on my bitch just like a boss
I just drank with YSL just like a f- boss
Just like a f- boss, just like a.

[Verse 1]
Thugger Thugger, you
I want Michael Jackson land, ohh
Aww I'ma cash out
I'm high as hell ain't got no satellites on me
I tell that bitch I feel like Fabo
I feel like Fabo, I feel like Fabo [x2]
I feel like Fabo, I feel just like Fabo
I'm back at it, Juug man voice (Yung Ralph)

Hear my song way from Y-T-C-R-O-B-S-M-M, now we YSL venom
Slime Thugger wit it, Slime DK wit it
Slime Wicced wit it, Slime Mondo wit it
Slime Slugger with it, Slime Bubba wit it
Slime Check wit it
Count hundreds and fifties off everyone's city.


[Verse 2]
Running that money up, like ya 'bout to start trial
When you beat the case, turn into a stoner child
We don't stand in line, foreign shoes hurt your feet
Everybody stoned, weed, lean
Every time I walk inside the club I see everybody looking
You know I'm a stoner I love drugs and I can't never be tooken
And you can suck my banana, but I won't eat your pudding
So come a lil closer, my bitch won't know ya
Andale andale andale [x2]
How the f***k a nigga think he gone survive on a YSL runway (How fool?)
My glasses are metro no blood off your chest
I control ya ho like net and flex
Your bitch at my dinner she wet like a fish
I took off her three legs, T-Rex.


I feel like Fabo, I feel like Fabo [x3]
I feel just like