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Versuri Rollin rollin
- Young Thug

trimise de AndraAndra.

She so fine, and I like the way she's staring at me
I told that girl to come back to the cabins with me
She know tricks and I even like how she standing on me
No toes, but baby come put that camel on me
She need a grammy, how she rolling rolling
Baby girl need a grammy, how she rolling rolling
Baby girl need a grammy, how she rolling rolling
I say you deserve a grammy, how you rolling rolling
Thugger Thugger.

[Verse 1:]
She know my
She know pass my way
Eat her little plate
Thug ain't no Lil Scrappy

She mean like a [?]
And every time I spend the night with her my old leg gon kick
That's why I strap it up
I strap it up
I drink a four or better, designer cup
My girl in love with me and I'm in love with her
And every time I give her the weed, she roll it up
And I just be like prove it baby, prove it baby
And I know you my old number, you my newest baby
Just drop me off sun trust now I'm coming out with them bands
I skate in that p***y good, got an endorsement with Vans.


[Verse 2:]
First tip, ooh
Drop them bands right on her
She see no component
No I'm not her parents
I'm not God, but I own it
She like my tunes, I feel looney
She get me out of the feds, I feel ruined
I'm pursuing, what I'm doing
She made me [?], feel like truance
Assalakum, Assalam
Pill bottle sock all red tums
I'm a stoner, I'm a geeked up child
She's a horse, young thug in the wild
I buy her mink coat, she a child
And the girl not my partner, she my [?].