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Versuri L a swag
- Young Thug

trimise de TomaToma.

Skating like a skater
100 thousand on the Lakers
Bought my girlfriend a new crib
And she even like the neighbors
Riding round with her best friend
I know this beef ain't gon never end
100 thousand for the necklace
Now I'm looking like a champion, a champion.

[Verse 1:]
When I take off on that molly, she got a perfect lil body
Ride it like a kawasake, buy her brand new Maserati
You know rapping is a hobby, you know capping is a habit
And that a*s I got to have, I'm not grabbing, we can share it

Baby girl don't take it personal, but I can never ever ever propose
But them M's I can post those, and I'm smoking indoors outdoors
Give me good head, and I'm folding up the lead
Every time I get finessed, she want to [?]
She want to come to the bed, she see this Versace
[?] I nut every time I see it.


[Verse 2:]
I put molly in my food, and I'm leaning like a fool
And I can't wait to be here
Cause your body is a fool, and your booty look like jewels
And I just want to see you
Now if you got some big bootys say (Oh yeah)
And if you got some big titties say (Oh yeah)
And if your p***y stay itchy say (Yeah yeah)
Cause you shave it and crave it, I eat it when you bathe it
I like it when you wear lazy, [?] like you prayed it
With babies, no Deangelo, but girl get naked
When you leave I wish that I could copy it and paste it
Riding round [?] I must've laced it.

[Hook x2]