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Versuri Ball
- Young Thug

trimise de IlieIlie.

[Verse 1: OG Boo Dirty]
Pull up, hop out
Riding 'round with this Glock out
40 thou in my left pocket, molly/lean in my right pocket
I'm so thrown
I'm just riding 'round and I'm getting it
Cruising through my city serving three-five for the fifties
And I'm a gangster for real, that's why the bitch nigga it don't even speak (***k nigga)
Put diamonds in my teeth so talking ain't cheap
Well that's just for me cause I just let the money speak
With fifty young niggas at all time, that's why I'm an OG.

[Hook: Young Thug]
Okay my girl a*s fat, she got me geeking round this bitch

It's money over bitches, but all my niggas want this bitch
I got one eye open, yeah I'm peeping through this bitch
Hundred deep outside the club, my niggas sneaking through this bitch
We gon' ball ball ball ball ball
My niggas got this bitch packed from wall to wall
And you know they don't play, I don't even gotta say
You playin with your spray this bitch from wall to wall.

[Verse 2: Young Thug]
Hundred deep inside the club, pack that bitch down like sardines
Everyone get major puffs, bitch you know we don't drink tea
Oh my god nigga try you luck, spray your head with this AR 'chine
Baw baw baw shoot your a*s up, now you frigid like a ding ding
No homo, two times, no homo nigga but I'm sure nigga
You're ho life is a game and I'm a controller nigga, never sold a nigga
[Laughs] Na for real, what's the deal
Either kill the s***t or get killed, and I'm the s***t for real like ill
Nigga put me in, let em hold my private part
Friend that ho, I just see Gucci hand print on her body part
A hundred percent of real niggas around me, your niggas they kinda hard
But forget that, I really really like your kitty cat
But OG.