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Versuri Xonia - Complex word

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The more you waste time (4x)

Strofa 1: (2x)
The more you waste time,
The look in your eyes,
You ain't got a clue,
A feeling, I've decided.
Appreciate me, another way,
It's written on you,
Forced to look upon it.

Sometimes we put up the system.
Is it a part of our resistance?
Who cares who's forsaken or hurt,
Love is a complex word (2x)

Strofa 2:
Sneaking outside, it's in my mind,
Thinking out loud, it's the new equation,
Looking at you, a different way,
Could we understand?
Should I even say it?


Strofa 3:
All the strange ways,
All those long, long days,
Waiting for a sign,
All my ideas fell on someones deaf ears.
Tell me, baby we could make some time.


Strofa 4:
Flashes of lights,
Losing my sight,
Touching your face,
Do you ever wonder?
Movements in time,
Forcing my mind,
To look another way,
Is there any wonder?

Love is a complex word,
We put up the system.
Love is a complex word,
Who's forsaken or hurt?
Love is a complex word (4x)

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