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Versuri Butterflies
- Xiren

Today I'm searching for living proof of the promises. I'm up on the roof with no confidence, urged to fly but my wings fail again. I'm back inside four walls. Our silence pushes the time around. You're tempted to run, you know I can tell everything about you now.

A little uncertainty
it used to be the world that
held us breathless
how should it be, are you expecting butterflies again?.

We're back in the light again. Holding the fuse that ignites us when.. I'm feeling very strange. I feel like were now the same. My favorite words of yours are the whispers that never got offered me; a promise that all of our history could disappear.

A thousand miles and you would carry me, but can you chance a little uncertainty? When I get down you got me covered. The wings of change rediscovered. We've got the butterflies of early lovers again.

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