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Versuri Christian
- Wwe Themes

trimise de SoborikuSoboriku.

Deceived by my eyes and all I was told I should see
Opinions not mine, the person they taught me to be
One night in the dark, a vision of someone I knew
And out of the darkness I heard, a voice say, I'm you.
Inside of me a light was turned on, Then I was alive.

If you close your eyes your life, a naked truth revealed
Dreams you never lived, and scars never healed
In the darkness, light will take you to the other side
and find me waiting there you'll see, if you just close your eyes.

Hearts uninspired, trapped inside somebody's dream
Too close to the fire, yet cold and so numb with the pain
But the fever has broken, and the river has run to the sea
Washed to the ocean, and saved, by a voice inside me.
Inside of me a light was turned on, Then I was alive.


Never thought I would be here, so high in the air
This was my unanswered prayer
Defined by another, so much wasted time
Out of the darkness, each breath that I take will be mine.