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Versuri The first one
- Wizard

You thought you were evil
But you were wrong
You were only blinded by the dark.

Now at night you are hunting
The days you are sleeping
And you dream of a stake in your black heart
Dream of a stake in your black heart.

You've prayed for the bite of life
But now you live in hell.

And the first one sits on his throne
Laughing at your pain and your life in hell.

The one who has given you

This eternal life
Feels the same pain as you do
In his black heart.

You are a wanderer in time
Many centuries you have seen
But you have become tired of this life
And thus pray for your death.

The stake in your heart
Black blood streams out of your wound
Your immaculate skin turns black
Your undead body begins to rot
Your soul is now free
But it will go straight to hell

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