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Versuri Dawn of evil
- Wizard

Crowley saw his master come on a horse of fire.
With demons at his side and black hordes behind
he saw the world in flames. The gods layed in their
blood, the cruely hand of evil catch this blue hall.

This is the dawn of evil. The age of the serpent
will begin.

Flames of darkness burn the virgin soul. Fire of torture
cruel and cold as ice come to the sacrifice for the black
lord. Feel his evil power and hail him to the end.
The priests of the unknown on their crusade of pain. Wirth
flames of darkness in their bloody hands. They will
come to the sacrifice to hail the new lord but
they will die.
The moon is shining, black clouds are coming. Smell the
demons breathe the master of the underworld will bring
the eternal death. He will drink your blood like water.
Will scatter all your bones, will rip out your entrails.

Be the sacrifice for the black lord.

Bloodstone, the altar of evil
Bloodstone, the altar of sin
Bloodstone, the master of the underworld arrives.

This stone is your grave, feel the pain. Nobody
will save you. The wicked place of the black cult
will be your deathbed. The seven gates of hell
are opened by the black lord. Rotting flesh is coming
out of their graves.

But then white lightnings crashing in the altar of sin.
The pile is burning, the flesh is screaming. This
is the demons breathe. The battle of gods and evil
comes to it's end. The wight light gods, today they are
victorious but the unholy priests will stand
for a new fight and than once again they will praise
and preach the dawn of evil.

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