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Versuri Wilkinsons - The word

trimise de HorykuzHorykuz.

I don't recognize this feelin'
I don't recognize this face
Even the mirror is showin' me a different face
What's that grin, where'd it come from
I can't seem to make it stop
I'm so disgustingly happy that I'm about to pop

But I'm afraid to say the word... (Love)
I don't think I've ever been in... (Love)
Symptomatically this is possibly
You say it... (Love)

Well I've heard friends talk about it
I've seen them get that look in their eyes
They go all melancholy and start to testify
They say oh you'll know, when it hits you
It'll knock you off your feet
It breaks the rules of logic
And the laws of gravity

But it's too soon to say the word... (Love)
I don't wanna jinx this... (Love)
Parenthetically this is probably
Could be... (Love)

You say I'm actin' crazy
I say this ain't no act
I'm just as serious as a heart attack
I give up I surrender, now that I know it's true
I wanna tell the world
My heart belongs to you

Now it's time to say the word... (Love)
I just wanna shout... (Love)
It automatically leaps right out of me
Love, love, love, love

That little four-letter word
The sweetest sounds that I've ever heard
Just in case I haven't said it enough
Let me repeat it, I'm in love

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