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Versuri Wilkinsons - A little more love

Of what her momma did

She was a perfect picture
Of a perfect wife
Out of focus
In her perfect life
So safe, so warm
No hint of danger
Wasting years
With the perfect stranger

But tough luck's
The only luck she's known
And tough luck
To build your life on hope
(Oh) But she bought the deal
She made the vow
She'd walk away
But she's just too proud
To ever throw in the towel
Tough luck

Convinced herself
That life made perfect sense
Two-car garage
And a white picket fence
Sometimes she feels
Like such a hypocrite
She's just a face in the portrait
And that's about itThey were just
Two lonely people
On this big blue ball
Somehow fate
Brought them together
In the middle of it all
And tonight
There out there dancin'
Spinning 'round
And 'round

(And/But) There's a
Little more love
In the world tonight
A little more light
In the stars
A little more grace
In this vast universe
Starting with this
Boy and girl
There's a little more love
In the world tonight (tonight)

The sun will still
Come up tomorrow
Nothing much will change
But for these two
Lonely people
Life will never
Be the same
It may not make
A lot of difference
In the grand design

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