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Versuri Wilkinsons - 1999

You called me by her name again

Thinking I was her again

When's this ever gonna end, oh

You're living somewhere in the past

Missing love that didn't last

And what we have is fading fast


(Oh... oh/And) this ain't 1999

This is here and now

You are mine

But you're cheatin' on me

You're cheatin' on us

You're cheatin' yourself

Right out of love

You're slipping away

From me unconsciously

And I'm losing you

To some old memory

You're haunted by that ghost in you

She always gets the most of you

Just want to be that close to you

I can't figure out what's wrong

I can't change your mind

But the only thing I know

Is that I'm being left behind

I'm being left behind

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