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Versuri Aw wow song (interjectiile)
- Whatthefun

trimise de WhatthefunWhatthefun.

When your arm hurts, you say Aww
When your leg hurts, you say Aww
So, when it hurts you, you say how?
Aw, aw...

When you hear your friend sayin' Aha
It means she understands, Yeah Yeah
Let's all just say Aha
La, la, la.. a ha.

When you don't agree, say Boo
When you scare your mate, say BOO!
But we encourage good things too
U, u, u..

When you freeze outside, say Brrrr!
When it's winter, you say Brrr!
But let's warm up with this song
Dighi righi.. bong bong.

Ton tan rin tin tin ton dare
Ton tan rin tin tighi righi dam
Ton tan rin tin tin ton dare

Tighi righi dighi righi ram pam dam.


When you're not sure it 's good, say Hmm
Mmm, mmm, mmm, ..

When you wonder, you say Ohhh,
When you're happy, you say Ohhh
O, o, o, o.
O, o, o, o..

When you want to say something, you say Hey,
Also when you salute, say Hey.

But in the chorus what you say?
Yey, yey... hei hei.

When you are impressed say Wow
But, when you're not, you say how?
I, usually say Yuk!
Just come here and have a look!.

Sursa: https://****. youtube. com/watch? v=NbFq8lQ-RYk