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Versuri Get ignit
- Westside Connection

[Ice Cube]
Security, yall might as well throw me out a this bitch right now
Get ignit, ge. ge. get ignit
Look, my garage is not a mirage
I got a car collage for my entourage
We like Dolomite when we stop at the light
Cause the rims keep spinnin? and the bitches keep grinnin?
And these niggas keep winnin? , and they must be sinnin?
Cause all they do is party with a whole lota women now,
My Grand-mamma even call me a dummy
An ignit little bastard how I? m spendin? my money I tell her,
That? s why your not as fly as your grandson,
Handsome with a pocket full of ransom,
It ain? t trickin? if you got, pull it out? cha pocket,
Baby drop it like a hydraulic
Shake it like your super-sonic
Make me psychotic when that booty look bionic
So if you see the crowd movin?
Nigga don? t be scared it? s just us payers, come on