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Versuri Do you like criminals
- Westside Connection

Say hoe I got way more dick than them niggas rolling your lexos
No punk a*s Versace gear just the nigga with the triple 1 braids in his beard
Quick to get the p***y dripping so quit tripping
Like you got a nigga resembling Donnie Simpson
Hoe I'm from the wild wild west f***k them preppy niggas
You need to get with this malt
Liqour sipper picture me simpin over ya never
How ya figure I'll be crying over yo a*s like a
Baby face nigga bitch you better be glad
I got 3 strikes because back in '85
I'd been done gave your a*s a black eye
See I been waving at your a*s all week but all
You do is roll your eyes like your s***t don't stink
So now it's time for a nigga clown your a*s
Because i can tell from the tattoos you's a high cla*s hood rat
Don't want to f***k with niggas in khakis
But hoe i bet for the dough
You quick to jack that a*s like a 4
So quit fronting on a nigga and lick these and bitch
Hit the road with your f***ked up weave....