Mononucleosis - versuri Ween |
Mononucleosis - versuri Ween |
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Versuri Ween - Mononucleosis

When you came into the Pod, you told me that something was wrong
Said you wasn't havin' no more fun and you want to lick the sun.
Couldn't say it was any fun. Oh dude.

Now you're on the couch. You can't even move your f***g head.
Tell me that you wish you was dead.
Dude, I really don't wish you was dead.
Better stay in your sweaty mucus bed. Oh dude.

I can't have a smoke,
can't even enjoy a little brew.
Can't even enjoy a little brew.
What the hell's my bugging going to do?
Can't even pet the horses in zoo.
Little Miss Bandy's in this too. Oh dude.

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