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Versuri Nothing new
- Waifs

I'm going to dress up tonight
I'll look real pretty for i don't know who
I'll find my own way around this great big city
And I'll sit at a bar and im gonna have a drink.

I'll leave you to revel in your youthful yearnings
I know you like to visit them from time to time
Like a theif I steal the words you write to her
I take them to my heart and I wish them to be mine.

But this is nothing
But it ain't nothing
Oh this is nothin new
But it aint nothin.

You long for sweetness
Does mine make you sickly
Or maybe I no longer have the sweetness you require
There's nothing sweet about a heart so embittered
It;s ugly and it's cold and tonight it's out for hire.

This is nothing new
But it ain't nothing her.

We live through this day after day
Complacency's a curse
But you just can't escape it
I've arrived at a place where my tolerance gave way
And i struggle to hold my head up high

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