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Versuri Voodoo Glow Skulls - Symptomatic

there's something in the air
something that i can't place
a taste that I can't smell
a smell that I can't taste
I'm walking in circles
trying to find the way
the path that I've chosen
has stops along the way
I'm out of line....
I'm out of place...
I can't control my mind........
loss of power and all the time.......
when your actions have no bind.........
suffocate and try to find........
who took my convenience
that I have everyday
someone give me a slogan
because I deserve a break today
I'll stay in my position
just keep living on borrowed time
take that train to nowhere
so I can be with my own kind
I feel like I've been cheated
like an animal from it's skin
who do I complain to
who am I to blame
I'll jeopardize my karma
in order to fit in
somehow I manage to flush the fashion
and follow my own trend

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