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Versuri Voodoo Glow Skulls - Empty bottles

trimise de AnypopAnypop.

I think it's time to sit this last one out
Before I fall and make an a*s of myself
We'll never learn until we see the other side
An open mind, we'll try to keep on holding out
Your at a party the other day
And all your friends are there
No one's holding back
Is life that good of fair?
By two A. M. you're foaming at the mouth
Search the whole house
What did you find out?
When we're together it's electric lunacy
Then the keg runs dry
The beer was free
Five minutes later there's a immediate reaction
There's no more alcohol so we must leave
Empty bottles...
No one likes to find!
Empty bottles...
Drunks can't cope with!
Empty bottles...
Oh no! It's two a. m.!
Empty bottles...
A drunk man's hell!

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