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Versuri Vonda Shepard - The radical light

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he was a poor boy having a hard time
a shoulder chipped and a head for crime
he was destined to be broken
she found a diamond in a coal mine
what she saw in him was a crooked line
she just wanted him to straighten
she said truth lies underneath the radical light
show you qhat you need what you're looking for
one night underneath the radical light
she said once you see the truth you'll be wanting more

she doesn't know why she's got the desire
to lead this boy out of the burning fire
call it love or call it mercy
see one night she was dreamin'
she saw a man who looked just like him br] he said 'when you find me baby set me free'

we can shine standin' in the radical light
take a chance and find your vision
we can feel fine walkin' in the radical light
it all comes down to radical decisions

i feel your sorrow
i know you're afraid to let it go
there's always tomorrow
come into the light you don't have to be alone anymore

show me real truth real love
wake me hold me tonight
under the radical light
show me the real truth real life
underneath the radical light

someday we will be one
under the radical light

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