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Versuri Von Ra - Seventh stair

Emily sits on the seventh stair
Just outside the lions' lair
Holding the magic in her bowl
She feels complete, it makes her whole
She takes the hand of a passing boy
Who treats her like a battered toy
She doesn't know, she doesn't care
She breathes the magic in the air
And how do you tell her it isn't real?
How do you say it's a short end deal?
How do you save a passing glance?
And how do you give her another chance?
It's a hard won fight to keep her here
Where reality is crystal clear
She says she loves you, she slips away
She says she'll find you some other day
She'll make you feel like she wants to go
But she says it isn't true you know
She says the hazes are her home
She'll show you where she wants to roam
She's beautiful and she's very sweet
But the magic smoke is who she'll meet
So the letters you write, you'll never send
Her daytime nightmare never ends
You're watching it pull her to the top
You're waiting for the shoe to drop
She says she loves you but she won't stay
She says it's her life anyway

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