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Versuri Von Ra - Just wakin' up

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Well it seems so early
Like dewdrops on my mind
I've just begun to realize
The things I could not find
Just like I was told as a child
By the greatest man who ever shined
I'm just wakin' up
Just smelling the coffee
I'm just wakin' up
To the sweetness of life
He said life isn't easy
But he told me from a different point of view
He said, "You've got to watch your back, boy
Everybody's gonna love you
And everybody hates somebody, somebody loves
Watcha gonna do? "
He said, "There's something I've got to tell you
Before I send you out on your own"
And then there was a stare so deep, my man
It chilled me to the bone
"It's somewhat like a legacy, it can't be left alone"

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