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Versuri Von Ra - Ignorant hearts

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We are lovers of improvements, we admire progressive movements
We're the mortals of an age of many things
And we harp on education, it's our foremost calculation
And we praise the learned products that it brings
Our professors brains are burning
With the boundless store of learning
For we think our minds' the most important part
And the man who is commanding
Is the man of understanding
So we never think to educate the heart
Ignorant hearts, there's nothing more to say
Ignorant hearts, will we always be this way?
When we want to last the longest
Then we strive to be the strongest
For we cannot win unless we can endure
And we think we're up on learning
When we know we're up on earning
And we build a body that is strong and sure
With a mind that's educated, and a brain that's graduated
And a body that is taught to help us start
We go out and take our chances
In the winds of circumstances
Having never thought to educate the heart
Hoping this will cause no question, for it's only a suggestion
And of course I still admit we're very smart
But we lack one thing my brothers
It's greater than all the others
We should take the time and educate the heart

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