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Versuri Von Ra - Eyes on the sky

The days are getting rough
There seems to be no light in the hall
One slip and you'll feel the never ending fall
Stuck in a rut with no exits from the road
You wonder why one man
Must burden this load
Sometimes you feel a pleasure
But its never without guilt
It only seems to crack the
Foundation you've built
You try to find the happiness
But you can't afford the cost
You can't shake the feeling of
A child that is lost
Step on back now
The big picture's a lovely sight
You'll soon find out that the light is bright
Keeping your eyes on the heavens
And your feet upon the floor
Eyes on the sky can open any door
Eyes on the shy can open any door
Effort and faith is the key to the world
Perspective must be considered
No one turns a new leaf
With a mind that is littered
A child to a giant, wings learning to fly
The change is possible with your eyes on the sky

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