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Versuri Von Ra - Drifted away

trimise de YonicaYonica.

Tossing and turning all night long
Searching for a place to call my own
Hoping this feeling might come along
On this journey so far from home
Cause I'm leaving tomorrow
Could I stay the night?
Cause I'm leaving tomorrow
Would it be all right?
Even though these feelings are hard to express
I've got to admit babe that you were the best
An expedition where life is a bliss
Let me go girl, but please tell me this
Waiting for reasons why I should stay
Tired of watching seasons just drift away
Loving is easy or so they say
When I'm gone I know I'll wish I had stayed
Well I've done it now, I've gone my own way
Even though I shouldn't have
I drifted away
Drifted away
But I'll be all right

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