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Versuri Visage - The horseman

See him move 'cross the burning sand in the day sun
Watch the sweeping shadows span 'til the night comes
Man and beast in that ancient stance
It's the Horseman

Silhouetting the desert sky in a strange haze
Riding strong with the note, "I'm high in a strange daze"
Slowly he smiles, silently sighs, slither to black, shading his eyes
Nothing changes, nothing stops the Horseman

The race is on again, the pace is on again
The moves are from the reign,
The straps are pulling hard, the sweat is running hot
The light is dimming fast
His task is almost done, this race is almost won
His journey nears it's end
Fool, passionate delight, cuts through his heart tonight
He screams all night!

Ah The Horseman (Oh the Horseman)

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