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Versuri Veruca Salt - Spiderman '79

You're so nice,
you tie me in a web
and cradle me till dawn.
You're so deadly
that I can see your breath
beneath me when you're gone.
You're so windy,
I'd like to pin you down
and tack you to the wall.
Spiderman [x2]
Spider Sunday,
you blaze up from the South
with oil on your hands.
I'm streaked in grease and grime,
and idle mouths,
you spoiled all my plans.
Spiderman [x2]
I can't take more of that. [x4]
Tiny truck stop,
you lay me in a towel,
and savour me like a lamb.
You smell of corduroy and lemon drops,
and reds pulled from a can
I dream in black and white
I've long forgot exactly who I am.
A spiderman.
Spiderman. Oh, man.
Spiderman [x3]

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