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Versuri Versailles - Fire ring

trimise de LaoorickLaoorick.

Only time dies for you,
As you sit and wait for the Gods,
Then you take charge, charge of your soul.

Wake up now son and listen to the one who waits for you,
Don't look up and cry out loud your tears will drown,
Live on nothing less but darkness and a fine time.

Only time dies,
Running out, out for you,
As you fly, fly so high.

Why can't you just be the one who condemns my soul,
Why can't you just touch the outer limits of my mind,
My desperation is flooding home.

And I waited for you in the eyes of the burning fire by your heart.

Wait up the fire's dying
Wait up your mothers crying
Wake up don't deny it,
Wake up don't try and fight it.

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