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Versuri Vendetta Red - P. s. love the black

Make a wish upon your middle finger
Wasting your affections on another dark haired girl
With skin so pale
Its translucence pulls you in and chokes you up
I just came by to kill you nobody was home
From hips to lips and everything between
"Collide" she cried and chalked one up
To her myriad of thoughts
I'm trusting you to stab me in the back, beloved betrayer
It fell straight from heaven
Burning brighter than your hopes of being one of them someday
It bared its teeth and shook the ground beneath your feet
It held you close, tore you limb from limb
And then it left you
Distraught disguised our abhorrence
Victimized I died from laughing
At your consuming lust for sustenance
A word could break ideas in comatose states
As passive thoughts strike at the only comfort I can't bare
I tried to please but only wound down on my knees
Refusal to comply it ends in dissension from the self
An anchor to hell the vessel rests light on the shell
Your grade school blasphemy is making my skin crawl

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