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Versuri Velvelettes - There he goes

(There he goes)
There he goes, the only I'm thinking of
There he goes, the only one I'll ever love
He has left me for no reason at all
& he probably won't write or call

There he goes to take his love with someone new
What went wrong? What on earth will I do?
He has left me; now just watch the teardrops fall

(We had such a wonderful beginning)
Mmmm such my last time
(Promised "I'll love her till the ending")
Now that he's gone, I'm 'bout to lose my mind, wo

Look at him; he's walking away from me
Leaving a love oh so tenderly
There he goes & here I am all alone
Darling, what on earth went wrong?
Please come back, please please come back to me
... & fade

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