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Versuri Utada - Lullaby

trimise de JoelleJoelle.

All I want is a lullaby.
Oh Baby bring it to me now.
All I want is a lullaby. Oh Baby.
Oh Baby. Close the door behind you.
Come right in. Come closer. Closer
Can you feel the passion inside.
Dim the lights. And take another step to me
City lights are movin' lights.
All I want is a lullaby.
City lights are movin' lights
All I wanna be is by your side.
city lights are movin' lights. All I want is alullaby
City lights.
I can feel your passion inside.
I wanna take a step to you
And give you all the love you need.
When the nights get longer.
I wanna get with you
Adn only you.
You oughtta know by now.
What you do to me.
I'm touchin' you so sweet
Really puts me in the mood.
when the door's behind ou.
Take me in. Come closer
I need you closer.
Then you'll feel my hearbeat inside.
You just need to give me all
The love that I need

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