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Versuri Usher - You remind me

trimise de FewgFewg.

see the thing about you that caught my eye
is the same thing that makes me change my mind
and it is hard to explain but girl i'll try
you need to sit down this may take a while
see this girl she sorta looks just like you
she even smiles just the way you do, so innocent she
seemed but I was fooled I am reminded when I look at you
but you remind me of a girl
that I once knew
see her face whenever I, I look at you
dont believe all of the things she put me through
which is why i just cant get with you

thought that she was the one for me
til i found out she was on her dream
oh she, was sexing everyone but me
this is why we could never be

(repeat chorus)

I know it is soo unfair to you
it is so unfair
I am delivering the reach to you
wish I knew
I wish I knew how to seperate the two
you remind me

(repeat chrous x 5)

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