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Versuri Usher - You are the one

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It was like 6 of us
3 in the benz, 3 in the truck
On 85 headed to the Plush
Ten minutes later when we pulled up
I parked the benz
Hit the alarm, glanced down at my rims
Tucked my pant leg in my Tims
Hand in my shirt to reveal my gems
Proceeded to walk in
Just then I saw this magnificant missus, sippin' on a glass of Cris
With a couple of friends gigglin' I knew

You are the one
I don't give a damn even if you gotta man
Take my hand girl
You are the one, girl I know you'll understand
If you just give me a dance
Take a chance girl

Said I know you got a few with you
Don't even trip I got my crew here too
Keep it real what you wanna do
I really wanna chill wit you
Tell ya friends
They can hop in the truck, we'll take the benz
But if we spit up, maybe we can hook up again
You never know I guess that all depends
If I can get you from the floor
To the door of my 6. 0. 0
2. 0 momo's on the low Pro's
So finish the Mo
Get a coat
Tell ya girls
Come on let's go cause


USHER say it USHER one three USHER say it


USHER say it USHER....

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