Stop (opreste-te) -2008 - versuri Us 5 |
Stop (opreste-te) -2008 - versuri Us 5 |

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Versuri Us 5 - Stop (opreste-te) -2008

trimise de IloveenriqueIloveenrique.

Staring in the flame of a candle light
Will it burn here still tomorrow
Watchin' all the people tryin' to pass me by
Wanna warn them what's to follow

What's it gonna take for you to believe
How many mistakes till you'll gonna see
They've got you good, look all of you dying
Only see the poor around me and you
Only see it through your can be
They've got you good cause all of you're crying

You know damn well they wanna burn you
And you know damn well you won't survive
If you're ever gonna hear me
Somebody, anybody
Come on and end all you're fighting

It's such a disgrace
They're losing their faith
They're killing the whole damn human race
The innocent die
The children all cry
Why can't we all be allied

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