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Versuri Us 5 - Seniorita

trimise de LadydyLadydy.

Us 5-seniorita

Verse 1
Everybody's in the club tonight
I'm looking out for something that I like
A cutie pie to fill my appetite
I'm feeling like I wanna one night stand
Tell the DJ gotta play my song
Beat is bangin' there ain't nothing wrong
Roll your booty cause I'm down tonight
Tell me baby can I freak you right now

Girl I wanna rock your world
And give you love till you go crazy
Bring your body round tonight
Say la, la, la, la, la, la (oh)

Senorita, what you doin' all night
Mamacita, you're the one I like
Tell me baby does it feel so right
How about we have a one night stand
(Senorita, mamacita, sexy lady,
be my baby)

Verse 2
Now I'm ready and the mood is right
I see a honey and her body's tight
I guess it's time for me to roll to dice
She's lookin' like she wants
A one night stand
Pull up on her, time to make her mine
Let her know, I'll make her satisfied,
I'm feelin' lucky, like tonight's the night
I wanna hit it, till I make her feel right

Everybody have a one night stand (stand)
Grab a shorty take her by her hand (hand)
All my fellas are ya feelin' loco?
All my chicas are ya feelin' loco?

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