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Versuri Us 5 - Come back to me baby

trimise de RichieRichie.

Girl I used to think it was ok
Dont know what I say
I need you in my life

The love is shared
We know we felt so strong
But I feel somethings wrong
Girl I need you now

I dont wanna believe that its over
I dont wanna believe this love is new
All I want is look in your eyes
And be with you - Oh yeah

Come back to me Baby
Come back cause I need you by my side
Come back to me Baby
Cause I need you here
Last to know

Im not gonna be the same without you
I dont wanna be a chapter out of your life
I dont wanna make the wrong decision
Can I come back home
Is the love that we have still for real
Im feelin heartbroken
My life is total broken into
Im crying these tears for you
Girl what can I do

I dont wanna loose you
I dont wanna let it go
I dont wanna be the last to know
I dont wanna leave you
I just wanna be with you
If theres more that I should know
I dont wanna know

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