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Versuri Us 5 - Best friend

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Sometimes, in live
When I'll hope this gone
And you fell like you're on your own
True friend comes along
And makes you realize everything is ok
Unless, you have gone throw
Planing it up and downs.
But no matter one you guys stayed by my side
That's wait dedicate this song to you
My best friends....

And after everthing that we've been throw
I'm still here with you
Cause you're still my lady
Cause you're my lady
I swear I'm gonna make you
Happy for the rest of my life
Cause you're my lady
And now I'm your best friend
And now I'm your best friend (hmm hmm)

In times when all hope is gone
And sadness fills your heart with pain
You wonder (yeah)
If there′s anyone that you can call
To somebody who′s left all alone

You′re such a loyal friend
And now... I know that
I′ll never find somebody quite like you
I appreciate the day you came and you stayed...


Some people said that we'll never survive
We showed them that
Dreams can come true (dreams come true)
And it′s for sure (for sure)
Our secret lies behind an
Endless friendship and nothing
Could tear us apart



True love is so hard to find...
Especially if is someone
You can call (you can call)
Your best friend
No matter what problems occure
You will overcame them with her (with her)


Hmm... hmm..

I'm your best friend... ye
Cause.. I'm your best friend...

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