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Versuri Urma - Wishlist

trimise de VedyVedy.

a little room for you and me
a better way for me to be
the silver ring on my left hand
a child to give a bit of sense

a little rush to warm the blood
some piece of mind for me to hold
a day of rest to cool the brakes
a meaning for my damn mistakes

well... it's taking too long
and it's taking me all
it's taking too much...
so i blame... lack of touch
the touch of my best friend

a silent nest to hear myself
on way to love my gods again
your smile to keep the trouble out
a friend to reach when i am down

a dear mother waiting home
the coffee flavor, down the hall
few simple words "my son, you're great
you bring me joy with all you make.. "

well... it's taking too long
guess we're dreaming alone
and it's taking too much
so i balme... lack of touch...
the touch of my best friend

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