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Versuri Urma - Inner demon

trimise de VedyVedy.

have to feel, it's sort of a human need
stupid heart...
have to ask, keep surfing against my past
it might heal

have to smile, there's someone in need outside
i should give
have to trust, there's feeling beneath the dust
could be real
take the demons out of me
take your demons out of me

nobody guesses what i'm living
when the time falls asleep
keep on dreaming of her lies and forget about the earthly sunset
of her eyes

solitude claimed my way
made me strong...
bless the loss, the griel and the friend i've lost
proved me wrong...
take the demons out of me
take your demons out of me.

my father is watching from the ceiling
holds me till i fall asleep
i'm still dreaming of his smile
can't forget about the friendly sunshine
of his eyes
and i cry from time to time
and i lie and pretend that everything it's alright

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