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Versuri Uriah Heep - Salisbury

Somewhere in your eyes that very special glow
Somthing drawing me to where I do not know
I never really thought that I would lose myself
Now I'm moving faster than anybody else

You moved without a sound and touched me with your hand
Just like the rains that fondles every little grain of sand
This thing we're going to do it's just for you and me
I'm gonna make it good, good as it can be, oh
Do it this time with me

Your kiss is sweeter now your breath is getting warm
We must take our time to make it last 'til dawn
I wonder will it be oh I expect it to
There have been other girls but no one else like you
I feel a power here I never felt before
And I begin to see what draws us to want more
Oh girl of all my dreams please tell me if I'm wrong
Because I've been blue, but we belong

As time passed and all too fast
I knew we couldn't last
And I guessed that the end was near at last
Though we tried our love inside
It just crumpled up and died
What went wrong I will never understand
You tell me why
Alone again, how could you leave me
Alone again, I don't wanna be
Alone again, yeah!

There's a line in a rhyme I was going to send to you
It says &quotAll that is to be will surely be"
So you thought you had to go
'Cause you needed someone new
Is there still a chance that you'll come back to me
I want you back you see Alone again, how could you leave me
Alone again, how could you leave me
Alone again, I don't want to be alone again yeah!

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