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Versuri Uriah Heep - Prisoner

trimise de Bebe_M5Bebe_M5.

Time has come to say goodbye
To the broken memories
They're locked inside like prisoners
In a place that no-one sees

Stayed up late with a friend of mine
Southern Comfort till dawn
We talked about the things of love
Shoud've known from
The start you arrived

I'm just a prisoner
Don't wanna lock myself away
Prisoner - I get so lonely, lonely
I'm a prisoner
Just when do you think love will stay
It walks right out on you - out on you

Tired blood runs through my veins
But I can't get no sleep
You lock my heart
And whisper the walls
This place I've got to leave

The sky is crying, it's raining
Like the storm in my heart
There ain't no music playing
'Cause I'm leaving, leaving

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