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Versuri Uriah Heep - Love is blind

I tried to give you love
That was ever flowing
I tried to give you love
That could be so true
But you wanted less
Than I had to offer
What was I to do
I tried to????
I tried to promise dreams
That I would make come true
But you said that love was
A game for children
Here I stand, a fool

Love is blind
Blinded by love
You're all I can see in my eyes
My mind says, stop
But my heart says go
And oh, how it hurts to find
It still went to say that
Love is blind
Love is blind

I tell myself if there
Was a chance to show you
Just how a good love
If there could be
But love was that
You had never given
I just couldn't see
I close my eyes to all that
You never gave me
My heart didn't wanna see
How you played around
And how well you showed
How wounded love can be

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