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Versuri Urban Clearway - Mass confusion

trimise de ZiadinminZiadinmin.

Focussed eyes they stare but yet they still just don't see, Darkness spills it's shadows over into
you & me, The skies look sort of hazy it must be my weepy eyes, No purchase necessary we just
won second prize, Smoking causes cancer so I guess I'll just inhale, Don't collect minimum wage
you're going straight to jail, Deductions from your salary that don't make perfect sense, At the
companies discretion you just lost those extra pence.

The mass confusion,
Of life's illusions,
Is it just a game?
Global warming,
Without no warning,
Who's gonna take the blame?

Vaccine is the virus intimacy spreads disease, Passion always burns out some people just can't be
pleased, Just a splash in the ocean it will still will spread its ripples, They call it a news paper
but page 3 is just nipples, Prime time television thinks it's got us in it's hands, Even that won't
help us to restore to greener lands,

(Chorus) (Bridge) (Solo)

Feet are sore & blistered searching for a local park, No matter how far I look there's always
advertising sharks, Watch the people sneer at the tramp who has no shoes, But he don't have to worry
'cos he's got nothing left to lose

(Chorus) x2

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