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Versuri Urban Clearway - Keep it real

trimise de GherasinGherasin.

Nowadays you can't even get your foot in the door Of the record industry unless you're a w****e
15 year old loose lesbian quarter dressed They're meant to sell us music, not just sleazy s*x But
all that matters these days is the mother-***g money Entertainment's lost it's buzz now they've sold
all the honey And what's funny is the honey is starting to be a bore Sick of silicon filled w****es,
on the leaflets through my door These fake-*s stars ain't happy just doing music Give them celebrity
status, and watch them abuse it It seems the last thing on these gold-digger's mind's Are the
melodies, or the beats or the quality of the rhymes If I was their teacher I'd make them do a
million lines "Commercializing music is just a f***g crime"
A waste of time
And we know it's time
If they looked for talent entertainment would be just fine

Nah, nah-nah, nah-nah
Nah nah naah, nah-nah, nah-nah,
Nah nah nah

I just can't understand these silly little bitches Having implants and then posing for pictures Not
me! I don't want people staring at my t**s All I wanna do is make lots-a-hits - SINGLES!
Move over bitch, make way for this chick Who doesn't have to suck no corporate dick I'm slick, and
hip and I ain't gonna trip I get respect cos if I don't - I'll flip...... Out on ya a*, and show you
that it's true I don't need magazines to tell me what to do And you won't see me in one showing off
my skin Telling every girl that she has to be thin Watch your weight, don't be late, Double-date,
don't hate, Cheesy horoscopes might determine your fate Bullshit, we're all individual people out
there Besides how many guys even notice your hair??

Money buys the honey, cause the honey's want the money, But now it's just not funny, when all that's
left is honey, But the honey makes the money, cause the money's buying honey, Entertainments watered
down this way and now it's f***g runny

Watered down to f***k and it's flowing like a river It's sticky and it's cold and it makes me sort
of shiver Music should be down-to-earth, I don't know what's the deal We're not all f***g barbies so
we gotta keep it real

(Final chorus:)
Keep it real, real, real
Keep it real, keep it real, keep it real, it real Keep it real (x2)

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