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Versuri Urban Clearway - Heaven

Droplets of light
Piercing through this ever-lasting darkness Searching for life So we don't have to feel so alien
What is the price?
To send my soul back into the light
Would it feel right?
To crawl out from the blackness of the night

Come with me
I don't wanna be where you ain't gonna be Fly with me We can search the distant galaxies Dream with
me Connect to our sub-conscious unity Trust in me Cos heaven's gonna be wherever we will be

Hold on tight
I don't want us to have separate destinies I would fight Against any force trying to tear us apart
Fate entwined Is the only kind of fate I've ever dreamed Love's divine The bliss we have will push
through any boundaries of time


Be my light
Shine it upon me like a warm sun
Raise my heights
In spiritual bliss where we were meant to be Take a dive Swim in to the depths of eternity You &
I In your arms is where I want to live and die


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