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trimise de JusloveJuslove.

I remember when I was a little girl
Thrown head first into this crazy world
Safe was all I'd wanna feel
Only our pain makes this life seem real?
Teacher's trying to explain war
I'm sat trying to figure out what it's for Cause they don't even know or care Why so many people
fight & die out there I was petrified when I learned of death Wondering how long I might have
left Does anybody know what life means?
Are the answers to these questions in my dreams of..

All of God's children
Loving Each Other
Living Together
Spirits running free forever

Thought when I grew up I might have a choice Start speaking out, have my own voice It's funny how it
really goes Contained by a system which nobody knows No-one ever wants to be the same Everybody
wants to make a change They never really think it through They're all just doing what the others do
So I guess it comes down to this There's only so long one life can exist What can I leave for you
when I'm gone Only my ideas of what went wrong

Belief systems shattered
Our minds are scattered
When we come together
There'll be better weather (x2)

(Chorus) x2
(Guitar solo outro)

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