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Versuri Urban Clearway - Dog tagged

trimise de IraaIraa.

Gotta work hard, Punch in my card,
Put my leash on (whip) must work faster, Gotta watch the stats, while I'm chained to the fax Sit
down and obey my master, Gotta run real fast, 'Til I'm home at last, So I can get on with my life
now, No time for sleep, Gotta work & eat, Gotta fit this all in somehow!

Woah woah, woah woaaaaah
Woah woah, woah woaaaaah
Woah woah, woah woaaaaah

Gotta roll over and play dead,
If I want my measly pay cheque,
Gotta do everything the rich man sez,
My finances he can just wreck?
Better clear the room, we gotta meet up soon, Only 4 hours for recording, Better edit it soon, can't
live by the moon.
Gotta get up for work in the morning.

Woah woah, woah woaaaaah
Woah woah, woah woaaaaah
Woah woah, woah woaaaaah

Don't give in
Start living
We can win this war
We're dog tagged
Bound & gagged
Ain't gonna fight for them no more!

Gotta do as I'm told, & Put my life on hold, No emails calls or contact, Gotta pay my tax, face
up to the facts My life's here in their contract, Gotta turn our home, into a studio, On a chance
that we might make it No point denying, we gotta keep trying, Cos I don't think I can take it!

Bridge & Chorus.

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