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Versuri Urban Clearway - Dead forest

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Artist: Urban Clearway
Album: Urban Clearway
Title: Dead Forest

Many years ago, we were feeling complete
Beds of dead leaves with no shoes on our feet
No billboard anywhere, no buildings of stone
The trees in the forest were our only homes
So beautiful and green you can hardly believe
And the air all around you so refreshing to breathe
We were always safe and were always sound
Sleeping bare on the ground

We ran through the forest
We ran through the woods
And best of all yeah
We ran in the mud
But it didn't really matter cos the forest was our home
And now we're all alone

Then one day, when we were lying alone
Chainsaws came and destroyed part of our home
They sawed down the trees and dug up the soil
Left a big mess for all their trouble & toil
They drove off and left us all naked and bare
They never looked back, they didn't even care
They just left a big hole that wasn't there before
We could no longer sleep on the floor

We ran into the forest
We ran through the trees
We ran so fast

Until we fell on our knees
But it didn't really matter cos the forest was our home
And now we're all alone

A few years went by, before they came back
And when they did - it was a massive attack
The bulldozers came knocked everything down
All the trees were lying down on the ground
They cemented the earth, built buildings of steel
Our forest was gone, couldn't believe this was real
They opened big stores and shops full of s***e
Their bright neon signs blazed all through the night
We didn't even get chance to put up a fight

We looked for the forest
We looked for the trees
We looked so hard
'Til we were down on our knees
But it didn't seem to matter to them at all
They had their big shopping mall
(Long depressing guitar solo)
So we ran through the corridors
We ran through the halls
We battered them hard
Couldn't break down those walls
We smashed all of their windows 'til they came with their guns
I guess they won

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