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Versuri Urban Clearway - City lights

Flying through the sky on a twilight night Looking down at all the city lights I've never seen them
shine so bright Sitting here on this flight

The plane I'm on zooms over somebody's head Wakes them up while they're lying in bed Cos when you
livin' in the city Life ain't always so pretty

When I land I step onto a bus
And everybody makes such a big fuss
When the driver screeches his brakes
His engine's hum causes houses to shake

The bus I'm on hits somebody's wall
Talk about - a wakeup call
Now the tenant's in a real bad mood
The driver just says - "sorry dude! "

(Instrumental chorus)

I get back home and I turn off my light
Time to go to bed and call it a night
But it seems I can't get to sleep
For all the noise & the beep beep beep

An airplane zooms, over my head
Wakes me up while I'm lying in bed
Cos when you're livin' under city lights You have many a sleepless night

10 pillows squashed into my head
I just can't sleep & neither can Jed
Cos it seems when you live in the city
Life can be so LOUD & s***!!

Roadworks drill outside of my room
Can't believe they started so soon
I know at work tomorrow I'll be yawnin'
(Double-length instrumental chorus)

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